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Four Lessons for 21st Century Creatives

Check out this TED Talk on creativity from Julie Burstein. A couple of things stood out to me as being particularly noteworthy for 21st-century creatives.

Pay attention to the world around us […] [which is hard] to do when you have a lighted rectangle in your pocket that takes all of your focus.

This is so true.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in whatever’s on Facebook, or Twitter, or Reddit, rather than paying attention to the world around us.  We can get a quick hit of something interesting, but it’s something that someone else has already put out into the world, not something we notice on our own.

Experience and challenge and limitations are all things we need to embrace for creativity to flourish.

I liked the story of the painter who turned to sculpture to express himself.  I often feel like we’re on a technological precipice and all of the art forms we’re familiar with (novels, art, movies, etc.) are on the brink of changing radically.  It’s up to us to figure out what’s next and embrace it rather than holding on to old art forms.

Creativity grows out of everyday experiences more often than you might think, including letting go.